Scripts to Download Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Documentation

In the past (here and here) I already shared with you the scripts I used to download the documentation related to Oracle Database. The aim of this short post is to provide the scripts I just wrote for the latest version: 12c Release 1.

Happy download as well as happy reading!

PS: it is interesting to note that the number of manuals is more or less stable. Some were added (e.g. SQL Tuning Guide), some were removed (e.g. all related to OWB).

UPDATE 2015-07-22: I updated the scripts to make them compatible to the current documentation website.


  1. mrpy mrpy
    July 2, 2013    

    How is that superior to ?

    • Christian Antognini Christian Antognini
      July 2, 2013    


      The reasons are explained in the first referenced post. Simply put 1) I use PDFs 2) the names of the files provided by Oracle’s ZIP are cryptic.


  2. Ron Crisco Ron Crisco
    July 13, 2013    

    Thanks, Christian – very helpful.
    For the Mac users like me, simply change the following (if you don’t have wget from MacPorts)
    change all wget -nv to curl
    change all -O to -o

    • Christian Antognini Christian Antognini
      July 14, 2013    

      Thank you for the tip, Ron!

      • Jonathan Derrida Jonathan Derrida
        July 29, 2013    

        Thanks a lot, Christian!

  3. Yasir Yasir
    September 10, 2013    

    Hi Christian,
    When are we going to see TOP for 12c updated?


    • Christian Antognini Christian Antognini
      September 10, 2013    


      By the end of the year it should be available.


  4. November 20, 2013    

    Eagerly waiting for TOP 12c updated.
    I hope it soon gets available

  5. Gram Gram
    October 15, 2014    

    Thanks for sharing. Very helpful.

  6. December 21, 2014    

    Hello Chris,
    It seems that Oracle has changed the old document link and the script won’t work. I use of and tweak your script (only 12c now), and here is the new one I’d like to share with you,

    Thank you,

    • December 22, 2014    

      Hi Bundit

      Yes, I noticed it but I still have to find the time to update the scripts. Hence, thank you for sharing your work!


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