Debugging PL/SQL and Java Stored Procedures with JPDA

In 2003 I published a paper entitled Debugging PL/SQL and Java Stored Procedures with JPDA. Its aim was to describe how to debug PL/SQL and Java code deployed into the database with JDeveloper 9i. Two weeks ago a reader of my blog, Pradip Kumar Pathy, contacted me because he tried, without success, to do something […]

Oracle AD4J Installation on Linux

Today I tried to install Oracle AD4J on a Linux server that I have at home. The installation procedure is really simple and fully described here. Unfortunately, when I tried to access the console for the first time (that access is one of the installation steps), the HTTP server returned an internal server error (500). […]

PerformaSure X-Agent Configuration

PerformaSure of Quest Software is a J2EE performance diagnosis tool that provides an end-to-end transaction-centric view of performance as experienced by end users. To gather profile information PerformaSure uses one or several agents deployed on the monitored systems. Since gathering profile information depends on the monitored component, three different agents are available: System agent gather […]