Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, 2nd Edition

Few days ago the second edition of Troubleshooting Oracle Performance was finally published. Today, I updated the pages on this site that provide information about the book. It goes without saying that the new pages cover the second edition. Hence, from here you can access the description, the table of contents, the forewords written by Jonathan Lewis and Cary Millsap, as well as a page with some errata. Yes, as for the first edition, I found some small errors before receiving the first printed copy of the book. I will publish the page from where you can download the scripts referenced in the book in few days.

Note that some of the information provided by online book stores (e.g. Amazon), still have to be updated. For example, they show a wrong cover and provide a completely wrong number of pages.

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, 2nd Edition


  1. June 4, 2014    

    Hi Chris,

    I’m glad to hear that :-) … two weeks ago, after several “smaller” postponements, I received a notification from that your book would be published in December only, and I was very disappointed ;-)
    Strangely, on they still say so, and I haven’t received an update yet … I just hope that’s an error on, or else I’ll cancel there and re-order on…


    • June 4, 2014    

      Hi Sigrid

      The date on is wrong. E.g., according to it’s in stock. So, if I were you, I would wait few more days before cancelling the order. In fact, it should be available very very soon.


      • June 4, 2014    

        Perfect, thanks, so I’ll wait :-)

  2. Bundit Bundit
    June 5, 2014    

    Hello Christian,
    How many changes have been updated to this second edition? Just think about a purchase on ebook or printed book.

    BTW, The book cover on amazon seems not to be black as shown on this page :)

    Thank you,

    • June 5, 2014    

      Hi Bundit

      > How many changes have been updated to this second edition?

      You find the answer here.


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