TVD$XTAT 4.0 Beta 9

This is just a short note to point out that I just uploaded under the section Downloadable Files of TOP a new version of TVD$XTAT. Not only I introduced some new features, but I also fixed a couple of major bugs related to memory consumption and poor performance…

The detailed change log since Beta 8 is the following:

  • Added formatting for bind variable values of type DATE
  • Added support for several execution plans for a single cursor
  • Added number of executions and hash value to execution plans
  • Added detection of incomplete execution plans
  • Added support for RPC bind variables
  • Added command-line option to control logging level
  • Added warning for trace files (because of bug# 7522002 timing information might be wrong)
  • Improved data type detection to distinguish VARCHAR2 from NVARCHAR2 and CHAR from NCHAR
  • Improved handling of incorrectly formatted input lines
  • Changed logging formatter (time is displayed with the following pattern HH:mm:ss)
  • Reduced memory utilization for the processing of large trace files
  • Fix to prevent poor performance for the processing of large trace files
  • Fix to replace special characters not supported by XML (the unicode character FFFD is used istead of the special ones)
  • Fix in template to correctly handle space character in SQL text and bind variable values
  • Fix to ignore timestamp lines not generated by SQL trace

As always, your feedback is welcome!


  1. Roberto Roberto
    April 9, 2009    

    On Windows systems, tcdxtat.cmd doesn’t work. You must remove the quotes around the variables, e.g:
    %JAVA_HOME% don’t “%JAVA_HOME%”

    • April 18, 2009    

      Ciao Roberto

      Mhmm… on my notebook (Windows XP Professional SP3) if I remove the quotes the script no longer works… i.e. I get an error.
      Which version of Windows do you use?


  2. Roberto Roberto
    April 22, 2009    

    Ok, It works.
    I enclosed the path TVDXTAT_HOME with quotes because of the spaces,
    but windowz interpreted (rather strange for me) the quotes as
    belonging to the string.
    While setting variables, spaces are took into account even without
    quotes (furthermore strange for me).
    On following commands, instead, quotes are mandatory for words tokenizing.

  3. Haris Haris
    August 25, 2009    

    Hi Christian

    The output file reported “unaccounted-for” under Component column which shows 99.594%. What is “unaccounted-for” means and how do i move forward from there?

    Please advice.


    • August 25, 2009    

      Hi Haris

      The only reason I can think of is that you don’t have wait events in the trace file. It is the case?
      (If yes, you should have a warning in the section “Interval” at the beginning of the output.)


  4. David Mann David Mann
    November 18, 2009    

    Thanks for releasing this program, after using it for 2 weeks it is my preferred .TRC file post processing tool!

  5. Andy Helm Andy Helm
    June 8, 2010    

    the TVD$XTAT usage message indicates there is a -t option to select an XSL template, hinting that html.xsl and text.xsl are choices. html.xsl is shipped with TVD$XTAT, but I don’t have text.xsl
    It would be useful for me to be able to post process the TVD$XTAT output, to compare some critical timings from multiple runs of a test suite – is text.xsl available, or can I easily create one ?

    • June 8, 2010    

      Hi Andy

      > but I don’t have text.xsl

      Yeap. It was still not available with Beta 9. That said, I have a first alpha release. I’ll send it to you by email.

      > can I easily create one ?

      Difficult to say whether it’s easy or not. It all depends on the amount of data and the format. But, basically, you can do it. In the file tvdxtat.xsd you can see the structure of the XML file. The XLS file has to take it as input an extract/format the output as you like.


  6. Yuri Yuri
    March 31, 2011    

    Hi Christian,

    I accidentally discovered that TVD$XTAT aggregates similar queries and shows them as one in its report. Similar queries are those which are differed in literals only. Maybe it will be useful to warn about this.

    • March 31, 2011    


      I must admit that the current implementation is not complete. So, yes, it will be improved…

      Thank you for the feedback,

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