Public Appearances

I currently have scheduled the following public appearances:

When Where What
2015-05-21 Prangins (CH) I will deliver, in French, a presentation entitled “Adaptive Dynamic Sampling” at a SIG organized by SOUG. The abstract is available below.
2015-06-16 Wien (AT) I will deliver, in German, a presentation entitled “Adaptive Dynamic Sampling” at the conference organized by AOUG. The abstract is available below.
2015-09-10 Zurich (CH) I will deliver a presentation entitled “The Oracle Database In-Memory Option: Challenges and Possibilities” at the Trivadis Performance Days. The abstract is available below.
  • Adaptive Dynamic Sampling (EN): Based on object statistics stored in the data dictionary, the query optimizer can’t always accurately estimate the cost of an operation or predicate. When the query optimizer recognizes such a case, in some situations it can gather additional statistics through dynamic sampling. The original implementation of dynamic sampling was introduced in Oracle Database 9.2 and, up to, only marginally improved. However, Oracle Database and 12.1 introduces a new implementation that completely changes the way dynamic sampling works. The aim of this presentation is to explain and demonstrate how the new implementation works.
  • Adaptive Dynamic Sampling (FR): En se basant sur les statistiques objets stockées dans le dictionnaire des données, l’optimiseur n’arrive pas toujours précisément à évaluer le cout d’une opération ou d’un prédicat. Lorsque l’optimiseur rencontre un tel cas, il peut, sous certaines conditions, récolter des statistiques supplémentaires au travers du “dynamic sampling” (échantillonnage dynamique). La version initiale de l’échantillonnage dynamique fut introduite en version 9.2, mais cette fonctionnalité ne fut que marginalement améliorée jusqu’en Depuis les versions et 12c, une nouvelle implémentation change totalement la manière de fonctionner de l’échantillonnage dynamique. Le but de cette présentation est d’expliquer et démontrer comment cette nouvelle implémentation fonctionne.
  • The Oracle Database In-Memory Option: Challenges and Possibilities: Oracle Database In-Memory, which was introduced with version, promises to deliver in-memory performance without modifying the application’s code, increasing the complexity of database administration, or jeopardizing the utilization of other Oracle Database functionalities. The aim of this presentation, after explaining the key concepts the Oracle Database In-Memory option is based on, is to review what you can expect from this new technology. Specifically, we’ll take a look at the situations where you can take advantage of it and what kind of overhead you should expect when enabling it.

A list of past public appearances can be seen here.