Public Appearances

I currently have scheduled the following public appearances:

When Where What
2014-10-04 Stuttgart (DE) With a colleague of mine (Peter Welker) I will present a half-day seminar entitled “Die Oracle Database In-Memory Option auf dem Prüfstand”. The event is organized by Trivadis. For detailed information refer to this page.
2014-11-19 Nürnberg (DE) I will present a paper entitled “Oracle Database New Performance Features” at DOAG 2014. The abstract is visible below.
2014-12-08 Liverpool (GB) I will present a paper entitled “Oracle Database In-Memory DB and the Query Optimizer” at UKOUG Tech14.
2014-12-09 Liverpool (GB) I will present a paper entitled “Adaptive Query Optimization” at UKOUG Tech14. The abstract is visible below.
  • Adaptive Query Optimization: The aim of the query optimizer is not only to provide the SQL engine execution plans that describe how to process data but also, and more importantly, to provide efficient execution plans. Even though this central component of Oracle Database is enhanced with every new release, there are always cases where it generates suboptimal execution plans. The aim of this presentation is to describe and demonstrate how, with Adaptive Query Optimization, which is a set of features available as of Oracle Database 12c, the query optimizer is able to generate less suboptimal execution plans.
  • Oracle Database New Performance Features: Even though is “only” a patch set, it introduces a number of very interesting performance features. In-Memory Column Store is the most well known in this area. But, be aware that a number of additional features that, for example, help with optimizing the physical storage and the caching of data are also available. The aim of this session is to explain and demonstrate how these new features work.

A list of past public appearances can be seen here.